Never make anyone to hurt you!

my cry

See friends,in our day to day life we are meeting lots of person.And they are only the temporary passer by.So,don’t askew your ears for other’s criticisms and if you askew,surely you will get hurt of their words.Don’t look for anyone because you are a unique personality.Don’t demotivate yourself and let their actions and words to build you and not to destroy you.Your life is your track and never let anyone to hack it..Be frank and be open minded always..learn everything from  this world.because learning only makes your pain to move away from your heart.Learn,learn and learn.never stop your learning.Learn more from your life because life teach you a very best lesson than the books and articles.Everything and everyone holds some meaning within and try to be a seeker of that lesson and meaning.don’t leave anything carelessly.everything holds some lesson for your life.Suck the possible lessons and let leave the negative lesson.


“BURN THE PAST, LEARN THE LESSON  AND  CRUSH THE ASH”                                                                        -Saranya kannan



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