Review for the book “For the sake of Love written by anamika Mishra”

Simply a awesome novel one could enjoy reading this.

Goosebumping story.
Author has done a perfect thing.WoW WoW.
Really I loved this book.
An extraordinary story, that reveals me what is meant by the real love.
Author made me to understand.
Thanks for the author to giving such as an extraordinary novel.
Interesting and the worth characters– Bobby, twisha, alex, david and jasmine.

The best theme I have liked from that story is “Love is a feeling that couldn’t be expressed in a words.It can only be felt”

The narration went smoothly as anyone can read it without any struggled.

I will suggest to people who are all confused to know what is love. 

Life is a Food. It’s not a medicine.

Each and everyone has their own experience and opinion about the life.

Each an

d everyone has their own style of living.

We are living in the way, what is suitable and enjoyable for us.

Others are in their own way, as if that they are their dreams and wishes.

We can just say the people to change their particular attitude. We can advice them for their goodness.

But everything we can do is only for the particular part. Not for the whole life.

We should not expect others to live their life in the way, we want.

That is their life. Advice is like a medicine to cure their particular life.

Life is like a food. We have to enjoy and eat in the style we want.

This is for others too.

People want to eat the food.

They don’t want to eat the medicine as their life time food as they don’t like that and not good for their health too.

We can direct a good path For others.

But we can’t draw the map for them.

They don’t like that from us.

So, live and let live.

                          -Saranya kannan




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Life seems to be very harder for everyone and almost really its very hard! we can survive only when we feel and understand this.without the knowledge of bitter taste we can’t feel the sweet this we have to understand that our lives will become sweeter when we accept some pains.Pains , a very awesome word for this world! it is the only source where most person’s success get birth!pain will be unconsidersble but it is very nice feel!accept the pain and live ur life for others!try to be a good person!

“Pain is giant feel of death,

but almost IT will let you be in a faint mode of SUCCESS”




Never make anyone to hurt you!

my cry

See friends,in our day to day life we are meeting lots of person.And they are only the temporary passer by.So,don’t askew your ears for other’s criticisms and if you askew,surely you will get hurt of their words.Don’t look for anyone because you are a unique personality.Don’t demotivate yourself and let their actions and words to build you and not to destroy you.Your life is your track and never let anyone to hack it..Be frank and be open minded always..learn everything from  this world.because learning only makes your pain to move away from your heart.Learn,learn and learn.never stop your learning.Learn more from your life because life teach you a very best lesson than the books and articles.Everything and everyone holds some meaning within and try to be a seeker of that lesson and meaning.don’t leave anything carelessly.everything holds some lesson for your life.Suck the possible lessons and let leave the negative lesson.


“BURN THE PAST, LEARN THE LESSON  AND  CRUSH THE ASH”                                                                        -Saranya kannan